Common Name

Common Name Color Leaf Petal
African Rosemallow Pink/Red Alternate 5
Alligatorflag Purple/White Basal 3
American Bluehearts Purple/White Opposite 5
American Nailwort White Opposite 5
American Nightshade White/Yellow Alternate 5
American Polkweed Pink/Purple Alternate 5
American White Waterlily White Floating Many
Anglestem Primrose-Willow Yellow Alternate 5
Asiatic Dewflower Purple Alternate 3
Atlantic St. John’s-Wort Yellow Opposite 5
Axilflower White Opposite 5
Baby Jumpup Yellow Opposite 5
Baldwin’s Eryngo Blue Alternate 5
Baldwin’s Milkwort Green/White Alternate 3
Bandana-of-the-Everglades Yellow Alternate 3
Bay Lobelia Blue/Purple Alternate 5
Beach Creeper White Opposite 4
Beach Naupaka White Alternate 5
Beach Peanut Red Opposite 5
Beach Tea White Alternate 5
Big Caltrop Yellow Opposite 5
Big Floating Heart White Floating 5
Black Nightshade White/Yellow Alternate 5
Black Senna Yellow Opposite 5
Bladderpod Orange/Yellow Compound 5
Bloodberry Pink/White Alternate 4
Blue Butterwort Blue/Purple Basal 5
Blue Curl Purple/White Opposite 5
Blue Sage Purple Opposite 5
Blue Waterhyssop Purple Opposite 5
Blue Waterhyssop Blue Opposite 5
Bluntleaf Bedstraw White Opposite 4
Bog White Violet White Basal 5
Bowstring Hemp White Basal 6
Bulltongue Arrowhead White Basal 3
Bush Bean Purple/Red Compound 5
Butterfly Milkweed Orange Alternate 5
Butterfly Orchid Green/Yellow Basal 3
Butterfly Pea Purple Compound 5
Button Rattlesnake Master White Alternate 5
Buttonweed White Opposite 4
Caesar Weed Pink Alternate 5
Canada Toadflax Pink/Purple Opposite 5
Candyroot Yellow Alternate 3
Caribbean Applecactus White n/a Many
Carolina Cranesbill Pink/White Opposite 5
Carolina Redroot White/Yellow Basal 3
Carolina Scalystem White Opposite 5
Carolina Wild Petunia Blue/Purple Opposite 5
Carolina Yelloweyed Grass Yellow/White Basal 3
Cat tail Brown Basal n/a
Catesby’s Lily Orange/Red Alternate 6
Celestial Lily Purple Basal 3
Cheesytoes Yellow Compound 5
Clammyweed White Alternate 4
Coastalplain Milkwort Green/White Alternate 3
Coastalplain St. John’s-Wort Yellow Opposite 5
Coastalplain Yelloweyed Grass Yellow Basal 3
Colic Root Yellow Basal 3
Columbian Waxweed Purple Opposite 6
Combleaf Mermaidweed Green Alternate 3
Common Fantails Yellow Alternate 5
Curtiss’ Milkweed White Opposite 5
Cutleaf Eveningprimrose Yellow Alternate 4
Danglepod Orange/Yellow Compound 5
Darrow’s Blueberry White Alternate 5
Day Flower Blue Alternate 3
Deerberry White Alternate 5
Dixie Iris Purple Basal 3
Dixie Ticktrefoil Pink/Purple Compound 5
Dotted Smartweed White Alternate 5
Drumheads Pink/Purple Alternate 3
Drymary White Opposite 5
Dwarf St. John’s-Wort Yellow Opposite 5
Dwarf Sundew White Basal 5
Erect Day Flower Blue Alternate 3
Erect Prickly Pear Yellow n/a Many
Everglades Key False Buttonweed White Opposite 4
False Indigo Pink/Purple Compound 5
False nettle Green Opposite 4
False Pennyroyal Pink Opposite 5
False Rosemary Pink/White Opposite 5
False Sisal White Basal 6
Feay’s Prarie Clover Pink Compound 5
Field Copperleaf White Alternate 5
Flattened Pipewort White Basal 3
Flaxleaf False Foxglove Pink/Purple Opposite 5
Floating Blatterwort Yellow Basal 5
Florida Feathershank Green Basal 6
Florida Scrub Frostweed Yellow Opposite 5
Fogfruit Pink/White Opposite 5
Four-Petal Pawpaw Red/White Alternate 4
Four-Petal St. John’s-Wort Yellow Opposite 4
Fragrant Eryngo White Alternate 5
Fringed Yellow Stargrass Yellow Basal 6
Frostweed Yellow Opposite 5
Glade Lobelia Pink/Purple Alternate 5
Glasswort Green Opposite 5
Globe Amaranth White Opposite 5
Gopher Apple White Alternate 5
Grassy Arrowhead White Basal 3
Green Arrow Arum Green Basal 0
Greenvein Ladiestresses White Alternate 3
Guinea Hen Weed White Alternate 4
Hairy Indigo Pink/Red Compound 5
Hairy jointweed White Alternate 5
Hairyflower Wild Petunia Blue/Purple Opposite 5
Harsh Vervain Pink/White Opposite 5
Heartleaf Sida Yellow Alternate 5
Herb-of-Grace Pink/White Opposite 5
Highbush Blueberry White Alternate 5
Horned Bladderwort Yellow Basal 5
Humped Bladderwort Yellow Basal 5
Indian Hawthorne Pink/White Alternate 5
Indian Hemp Yellow Alternate 5
Indian Jointvetch Pink/White Compound 5
Inkberry White Alternate 5
Innocence White Opposite 4
Jack-in-the-pulpit Green Basal 0
Jeweled Blue-eyed grass Blue/Purple Basal 6
John Charles White Opposite 5
Jubas Bush White Opposite 5
Lanceleaf Primrose-Willow Green/White Alternate 4
Largeflower Jointweed White Alternate 5
Largeflower Rosegentian Pink Opposite 5
Leafflower White Compound 5
Leafy Bladderwort Yellow Basal 5
Lesser Florida Spurge Red/White Alternate 5
Lindenleaf Rosemallow Pink Alternate 5
Little Hogweed Yellow Alternate 5
Lizard’s Tail White Alternate n/a
Longhorn False Reinorchid White Alternate 3
Low Peperomia Other Opposite n/a
Low Pinebarren Milkwort Yellow Alternate 3
Manyflower Beardtongue White Opposite 5
Marsh Pennywort White Basal 5
Marshgentain Purple Opposite 5
Meadowbeauty Pink/Purple Opposite 4
Mexican Clover Pink Opposite 6
Moistbank Pimpernel White Opposite 5
Musky Mint White Opposite 5
Narrowleaf Blie-eyed Grass Purple Basal 6
Narrowleaf Milkweed Orange/Red Opposite 5
Nightblooming Cactus White n/a Many
Nodding Pinweed Red Opposite 3
Nuttall’s Meadowbeauty Pink/Purple Opposite 4
October Flower Pink/White Alternate 5
Orange Milkwort Orange Alternate 3
Pale Grasspink Pink/Purple Alternate 3
Pale Meadowbeauty Pink/White Opposite 4
Paraguayan Purslane Pink Alternate 5
Partridge Pea Yellow Compound 5
Pawpaw Red/White Alternate 3
Peelbark St. John’s-Wort Yellow Opposite 5
Pepper Grass White Alternate 4
Peruvian Primrose-Willow Yellow Alternate 4
Peruvian Primrose-Willow Yellow Alternate 5
Pickerel  Weed Purple Basal 6
Piedmont Primrose-Willow Yellow Opposite 4
Pine-Hyacinth Pink/Purple Opposite 4
Pineland Heliotrope Yellow Alternate 5
Pineland Pimpernel White Alternate 5
Pineland Pinweed Red Opposite 3
Pineland Scalypink White Opposite 5
Pineland Water Willow Pink/Purple Opposite 5
Pink Purslane Pink Alternate 5
Pink Woodsorrel Pink Compound 5
Pitted Stripeseed Yellow Alternate 5
Poor Man’s Patch Yellow Alternate 5
Prickly Pear Yellow n/a Many
Procession Flower Pink/White Alternate 3
Puncture Vine Yellow Opposite 5
Purple Bladderwort Pink/Purple Basal 5
Quillwort Arrowhead White Basal 3
Rabbitbells Yellow Compound 5
Red Spiderling Red Opposite 5
Richard’s Yelloweyed Grass Yellow Basal 3
Rose Pogonia Pink Alternate 3
Roseling Pink/Purple Alternate 3
Rosy Periwinkle Pink/White Opposite 5
Rough Hedgehyssop White Opposite 5
Roundpod St. John’s-Wort Yellow Opposite 5
Rustweed White Opposite 4
Sand Blackberry White Alternate 5
Savannah False Pimpernel Purple/White Opposite 5
Savannah Yelloweyed Grass Yellow Basal 3
Sawtooth Blackberry Pink/White Alternate 5
Scarlet Milkweed Orange/Red Opposite 5
Scorpiontail White Alternate 5
Sea Blite Green Opposite 5
Sea Lavender White Alternate 5
Sea Purslane Pink/Purple Opposite 5
Sea Rocket White Alternate 4
Seaside Joyweed Brown Opposite 5
Seaside Primrose-Willow Yellow Alternate 4
Sensitive Pea Yellow Compound 5
Shiny Blueberry White Alternate 5
Shortleaf Rosegentain White Opposite 5
Shortleaf Yelloweyed Grass Yellow Basal 3
Showy Milkwort Pink/Purple Alternate 3
Showy Rattlebox Yellow Compound 5
Silky Sesban Orange/Yellow Compound 5
Shrubby Primrose-Willow Green/White Alternate 4
Shyleaf Pink/White Compound 5
Silver Croton White Alternate 5
Sisal Hemp White Basal 6
Skullcap Pink/White Opposite 5
Sky Flower Blue/Purple Alternate 5
Skyblue Lupine Blue/Purple Compound 5
Sleepy Morning Orange/Yellow Alternate 5
Small Butterwort Pink/White Basal 5
Small’s Yelloweyed Grass Yellow Basal 3
Smallfruit Primrose-Willow Other/White Alternate 4
Southern Beeblossom Pink Alternate 4
Southern Beeblossom Pink Alternate 3
Southern Primrose-Willow Yellow Alternate 4
Spadeleaf White Basal 5
Spanish Bayonet White Basal 6
Spatterdock Yellow Floating Many
Spider Lily White Basal 6
Spiny Amaranth Green Alternate n/a
Spotted Beebalm Purple/White Opposite 5
St. Andrew’s Cross Yellow Opposite 4
String Lily White Basal 6
Summer Farewell White Compound 5
Sundew Pink/White Basal 5
Swamp Dock Green Alternate 5
Swamp Hornpod White Opposite 5
Sweetbroom White Opposite 5
Tall Pinebarren Milkwort Yellow Alternate 3
Tenangle Pipewort White Basal 3
Toothpetal False Reinorchid White Alternate 3
Tread Softly White Alternate 5
Tropical Maxican Clover White Opposite 6
Tropical Soda Apple White Alternate 5
Twinberry White Opposite 4
Valley Redstem Pink/Purple Opposite 4
Vente Conmigo White Alternate 5
Virginia Buttonweed White Opposite 4
Virginia Plantain White Basal 4
Virginia Saltmarsh Mallow Pink Alternate 5
Walter’s Ground Cherry Yellow Alternate 5
Water Cowbane White Alternate 5
Water Lettuce Green Basal 0
Waterspider False Reinorchid Green Alternate 3
West Indian Sage Purple/White Opposite 5
White Clover White Compound 5
White Lobelia White Alternate 5
White Screwstem White Opposite 4
White Sunnybell White Basal 6
White Sweetclover White Compound 5
White Tassels Pink Compound 5
Whitehead Bogbutton White Basal 3
Wild Century Plant White Basal 6
Wild Coco Green/Pink Alternate 3
Wild Poinsettia Green Alternate 5
Winged Loostrife Blue/Purple Alternate 6
Winged Primrose-Willow Yellow/White Alternate 4
Wood sage Purple Opposite 5
Woodland False Buttonweed White Opposite 4
Yellow Alder Yellow Alternate 5
Yellow Butterwort Yellow Basal 5
Yellow Hatpins White Basal 3
Yellow Joyweed White Opposite 5
Yellow Milkwort Yellow Alternate 3
Zarzabacoa Comun Pink/Purple Compound 5
Zigzag Bladderwort Yellow Basal 5

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