Family Scientific Name Common Name Leaf Petal Native
Rubiaceae Richardia grandiflora Mexican Clover Opposite 6 No
Campanulaceae Lobelia glandulosa Glade Lobelia Alternate 5 Yes
Malvaceae Hibiscus acetosella African Rosemallow Alternate 5 No
Malvaceae Hibiscus furcellatus Lindenleaf Rosemallow Alternate 5 Yes
Malvaceae Kosteletzkya virginiana Virginia Saltmarsh Mallow Alternate 5 Yes
Malvaceae Urena lobata Caesar Weed Alternate 5 No
Phytolaccaceae Phytolacca americana American Polkweed Alternate 5 Yes
Polygonaceae Polygonella polygama October Flower Alternate 5 Yes
Portulacaceae Portulaca amilis Paraguayan Purslane Alternate 5 No
Portulacaceae Portulaca pilosa Pink Purslane Alternate 5 Yes
Rosaceae Raphiolepis indica Indian Hawthorne Alternate 5 No
Rosaceae Rubus pensilivanicus Sawtooth Blackberry Alternate 5 Yes
Droseraceae Drosera capillaris Sundew Basal 5 Yes
Lentibulariaceae Pinguicula pumila Small Butterwort Basal 5 Yes
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia purpurea Purple Bladderwort Basal 5 Yes
Fabaceae Aeschynomene americana Shyleaf Compound 5 Yes
Fabaceae Aeschynomene indica Indian Jointvetch Compound 5 No
Fabaceae Amorpha fruticosa False Indigo Compound 5 Yes
Fabaceae Dalea carnea White Tassels Compound 5 Yes
Fabaceae Dalea feayi Feay’s Prarie Clover Compound 5 Yes
Fabaceae Desmodium incanum Zarzabacoa Comun Compound 5 No
Fabaceae Desmodium tortuosum Dixie Ticktrefoil Compound 5 Yes
Fabaceae Indigofera hirsuta Hairy Indigo Compound 5 No
Oxalidaceae Oxalis debilis Pink Woodsorrel Compound 5 No
Acanthaceae Justicia angusta Pineland Water Willow Opposite 5 Yes
Aizoaceae Sesuvium portulacastrum Sea Purslane Opposite 5 Yes
Apocynaceae Catharanthus roseus Rosy Periwinkle Opposite 5 No
Gentianaceae Sabatia grandiflora Largeflower Rosegentian Opposite 5 Yes
Geraniaceae Geranium carolinianum Carolina Cranesbill Opposite 5 Yes
Lamiaceae Conradina grandiflora False Rosemary Opposite 5 Yes
Lamiaceae Monarda punctata Spotted Beebalm Opposite 5 Yes
Lamiaceae Piloblephis rigida False Pennyroyal Opposite 5 Yes
Lamiaceae Scutellaria integrifolia Skullcap Opposite 5 Yes
Orobanchaceae Agalinis linifolia Flaxleaf False Foxglove Opposite 5 Yes
Verbenaceae Phyla nodiflora Fogfruit Opposite 5 Yes
Verbenaceae Verbena scabra Harsh Vervain Opposite 5 Yes
Veronicaceae Bacopa monnieri Herb-of-Grace Opposite 5 Yes
Veronicaceae Linaria canadensis Canada Toadflax Opposite 5 Yes
Onagraceae Gaura angustifolia Southern Beeblossom Alternate 4 Yes
Petiveriaceae Rivina humilis Bloodberry Alternate 4 Yes
Lythraceae Ammannia coccinea Valley Redstem Opposite 4 Yes
Melastomataceae Rhexia cubensis Meadowbeauty Opposite 4 Yes
Melastomataceae Rhexia mariana Pale Meadowbeauty Opposite 4 Yes
Melastomataceae Rhexia nuttallii Nuttall’s Meadowbeauty Opposite 4 Yes
Ranunculaceae Clematis baldwinii Pine-Hyacinth Opposite 4 Yes
Commelinaceae Callisia ornata Roseling Alternate 3 Yes
Onagraceae Guara angustifolia Southern Beeblossom Alternate 3 Yes
Orchidaceae Calopogon pallidus Pale Grasspink Alternate 3 Yes
Orchidaceae Eulophia alta Wild Coco Alternate 3 Yes
Orchidaceae Pogonia ophioglossoides Rose Pogonia Alternate 3 Yes
Polygalaceae Polygala cruciata Drumheads Alternate 3 Yes
Polygalaceae Polygala incarnata Procession Flower Alternate 3 Yes
Polygalaceae Polygala violacea Showy Milkwort Alternate 3 Yes

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